Have you ever wondered where the 2013 film Lone Survivor was filmed? You’re in luck! This article takes you through the incredible film locations used in the movie.

From Morocco to New Mexico, California, Pakistan, and Boston, each location adds to the realistic feel of the movie.

So join us on this journey to discover the amazing film locations!


You’ll be amazed to hear that some of the scenes in Lone Survivor were actually shot in Morocco! Filming took place in the villages of Aït Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, and Tiznit.

Aït Benhaddou is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is well known for its traditional mud-brick buildings. The filmmakers took advantage of the desert landscape and the unique architecture of these villages to create the Afghan village in the movie.

Ouarzazate, known as the ‘door to the desert’, also provided an ideal backdrop for the movie.

Tiznit was used for the convoy ambush scene.

The filmmakers also shot in the Moroccan desert, where the now-famous helicopter scene was filmed. The Moroccan desert proved to be the perfect place to capture the intense action of the movie.

New Mexico

New Mexico was another location used to film Lone Survivor. The state’s rugged terrain provided a beautiful backdrop for the movie’s intense scenes. Many of the movie’s key action sequences were filmed in and around the small town of Las Cruces.

The production crew also used the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo to film scenes of war-torn Afghanistan. The film’s director, Peter Berg, worked with local crews to capture the drama and emotion of the movie. The visuals were stunning and the crew was able to capture New Mexico’s natural beauty while telling the story of Lone Survivor.

Local businesses, including restaurants and hotels, also benefited from the movie’s production. With its breathtaking scenery and convenient filming locations, New Mexico was an ideal choice for Lone Survivor.


Continuing on from New Mexico, California was also used to film Lone Survivor. The Golden State offered a variety of locations that were used to create the story’s incredible visuals. In Malibu, for example, the iconic Zuma Beach was used to film the opening sequence of the movie. Location Scene
Malibu Opening Sequence
Santa Clarita Fight Scene
Ojai Hero’s Escape
Pacific Palisades Final Scene

In Santa Clarita, a fight scene was shot in the Angeles National Forest. In Ojai, the hero’s escape was filmed in the Topa Topa Mountains. Lastly, the Pacific Palisades was the location of the film’s final scene. California provided the perfect backdrop to depict the amazing story of Lone Survivor.


Heading to Pakistan, the filmmakers of Lone Survivor captured breathtaking scenes in the country’s beautiful landscapes. The crew travelled to the city of Lahore for exterior shots which included an outdoor market, a mosque, and a hospital.

While in Pakistan, they also filmed in the stunning mountainous region of Swat Valley. From the valley’s locations, they were able to capture incredible views of snow capped peaks and pristine valleys.

  • Stunning views of snow capped peaks

  • Exterior shots of an outdoor market, a mosque, and a hospital

  • Filming in the beautiful Swat Valley


Boston was also visited by the production team for Lone Survivor, offering up a range of iconic locations for the movie. From downtown to the suburbs, the cast and crew took advantage of the city’s diverse architecture to bring the story to life.

Filming primarily took place in and around the South Boston Waterfront area, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Other key locations included the Boston Public Garden, the USS Constitution Museum, and the historic Faneuil Hall.

The cast and crew also ventured outside the city to get some of the most memorable on-location shots, including scenes shot on the beach of Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. The combination of Boston’s classic cityscapes and its picturesque New England coast was the perfect backdrop for Lone Survivor’s intense story.


You’ve learned that Lone Survivor was filmed in multiple countries, from Morocco to Pakistan, and even right here in the United States.

This incredible 2013 film was able to capture the intensity and emotion of the real-life events it was based on, and the locations used helped to bring the film to life.

So the next time you watch Lone Survivor, take a moment to appreciate the incredible locations where it was filmed.